How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Unit


The air conditioning unit keeps your property comfortable. As you hit the market for a unit, you need a solution that best matches your needs. Purchasing an air conditioning unit is a significant investment, requiring you to consider some aspects to ensure you choose the best. With all the options in the market, you can … Read more

Latest bathroom design ideas for 2021


At Wall Boulevard, we have a dedicated team that does its best to impress its customers with the latest home decor and bathroom equipment trends. Our end goal is for you to love your house as much as we do! To achieve that, our designers work day and night to develop creative yet practical ideas … Read more

Benefits of a fireplace in your home


Once you’ve installed a fireplace in your home, you don’t want to let it go. Whether a traditional one or that modern electric fireplace, you get so many benefits by having one in your home. You don’t require a chimney and not much ventilation. Many homes know the wood-burning earth as a timeless feature; modern … Read more