5 Design Ideas for Your 3-Room HDB Flats

Obtaining a 3-room HDB flat is a popular option for Singaporeans, particularly first-time buyers, due to its affordability and availability. Every homeowner’s ambition is to have a large, roomy residence. Nonetheless, it is no secret that space in 3-room BTO and Resale HDB flats is restricted. It might not be easy to refurbish and optimise the available space.

Believe it or not, 3-room HDB interior design planning is rather feasible. Even for limited places such as 3-room HDB homes, there are now a variety of possibilities. This implies that you, too, can modify your home by applying a 3-room BTO interior design. Whether you want to create an open-plan area or extend your kitchen, you will need some imagination and out-of-the-box thinking. Thus, the assistance of a respected interior designer will be of great assistance.

Fortunately, we are here to provide you with some brilliant 3-room HDB design ideas. The following ideas can make your home appear much more spacious than previously.

Reflections and Glass

Including more glass is perhaps one of the finest interior design ideas for rooms with limited space. The material offers a variety of aesthetic and functional possibilities for the remodelling of a home. Glass panels, sliding doors, and mirrors enable the eyes to move further, creating a sense of additional space. At the same time, glass allows more natural light to enter the interior, which is then mirrored throughout the home, bringing out the best ideas.

Include Wooden Components

Wood is one of the most flexible remodelling materials, as it complements various interior design styles, especially when the goal is to increase internal space. For instance, with veneered cupboards or a wooden wardrobe, you may add some natural warmth to your bedroom and living area, making the space feel less harsh and sterile.

A subdued colour choice will enhance the luxury of your 3-room HDB apartment’s decor. In addition, you may further style your space by using sleek, dark components among wooden items.

Optimise Your Space

In addition to wooden materials and the use of glass, you may raise your game with additional space-saving strategies. First, optimise your space by selecting items that give storage options. For example, choose ottomans with storage space or bed frames with drawers. The objective is to retain some of your home’s luxuries. But, do not fill every available space in your home since it can appear claustrophobic if everything is packed tightly. Instead, ensure that there is sufficient space between the edges of your furniture and the walls to allow for air circulation. This will contribute to the spaciousness of your residence.

Choose a Light Colour Palette

Despite its simplicity, white is a wonderful option for establishing clear, coherent, and contrasting colour palettes. If you believe that the interior design of your 3-room BTO is too gloomy, you can quickly make it appear light and airy by painting the walls white.

You don’t want your living area to feel clinical and uninteresting. Provide a diversity of textures to prevent the area from becoming monotonous. In such instances, you can only link walls that face each other. In this manner, you will create an open-plan design with a touch of welcoming grandeur.

Following a Monochromatic Path

The monochromatic colour scheme is now popular. Using a black-and-white colour scheme will aid in creating a sense of a larger area. Make your house appear larger by taking a minimalist approach and adding only a few touches. Hence, you will design the best HDB three-room interior.