Unlike decades ago when air conditioning was a luxury, it is an essential part of today’s homes. Today, it is hard for many homeowners to live without an air conditioning unit. Many people are used to being chilled during the hot summers that it becomes hard to cope with the heat when the air conditioner breaks down. According to news reports, AC repair Toronto is on the rise as technicians continually fix and replace AC equipment for overheated homeowners.

It is inconvenient and frustrating when your air conditioning unit breaks down in the middle of the summer or winter. Here are five reasons why your AC might have broken down and what to do about it.

Too small a unit

According to air conditioning experts at Air Makers, one of the big reasons for AC malfunctioning is a unit that was not installed properly in the first place. Contractors need to consider a home’s heating and cooling needs beforehand to ensure the unit is matched with the correct sized ducts. 

If the ducts are too small, the AC has to work extra hard to cool, which increases wear and tear on the components. And if the AC unit is too small for the house, the house will never get cool enough.

An old thermostat

Another reason for a malfunctioning AC is if the thermostat is not correctly calibrated, especially if you have the old version of the thermostat. It is quite apparent, if something is wrong with your thermostat, the unit will not get the right instructions to cool your house. 

You should remedy such a problem by having the thermostat recalibrated by a qualified technician. You can also have the thermostat replaced with a new digital unit that is programmable and precise to save you more costs. You can program a digital thermostat remotely using your smartphone.

A blocked outdoor condenser unit

When your condenser unit is blocked on the outside, it impacts your air conditioning. Neglecting the lawn or overgrown shrubs can obstruct airflow in the outdoor condenser unit, and your air conditioner relies on it to cool your house. The condenser coil could be covered in dirt, or leaves could be obstructing heat transfer. That means the unit has to work harder to cool, leading to failure.

Clogged air filter

A clogged air filter is one of the common reasons for a failed air conditioning unit. Many homeowners ignore replacing the unit’s air filter, making it work extra harder to push the cooled air through a clogged air filter. This is dangerous because the unit can completely fail and have to be replaced because when the cool air has nowhere to go gets back to the circulator evaporator coil, causing it to freeze and fail. You should change the air filter monthly, especially if the unit runs constantly.

The takeaway

You should call a qualified AC repair technician to inspect your AC unit when it stops working or is not working efficiently. It is also good to schedule inspections from time to time to ensure the unit stays in good condition and diagnose problems before they worsen.