5 Ways to Keep Your Block-paved Driveway Looking Good

If you have recently installed a new block-paved driveway, or are considering replacing your existing driveway with one, you may be keen to learn a few tricks for keeping it looking like new for longer. 

Driveways are more than just somewhere you park your car; they are the approach to your home and often the first thing visitors see when arriving at your property. There is little point spending a significant amount of money on your driveway if you fail to maintain it properly and allow it to become dirty and unkempt. 

Keeping your driveway clean, tidy and in good repair doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive if done regularly.  An attractive driveway can not only improve the kerb appeal of your property, but can also help to increase its value. With this in mind, here are five things you can do to keep your driveway looking pristine and reduce the amount of maintenance needed throughout the year. Let’s get started: 

Remove Weeds from the Grout

If weeds and moss start to grow in between the slabs of block paving, it will make your whole driveway look unsightly. Furthermore, failing to remove these weeds can result in long-term damage to your drive. This is because gaps between paving slabs can start to expand and this may even cause your drive to start sinking.

The easiest way to remove weeds is by using a handheld removal tool to scrape the growth out. Alternatively, you can try applying weed killer to the affected area for a couple of days before removing them. This will give it time to work and make the weeds much easier to remove. Weedkiller is also useful for helping prevent or slow down the regrowth of weeds.

Block Pave Sealer 

It is advisable to use a block pave sealer on your driveway, as this will prevent contaminants getting into your driveway. Some of the things that can damage your drive include water and rain, dirt and oil, fuels and grease. Block pave sealer is especially good for driveways with high levels of traffic, as it will prevent oil leaks staining your drive, along with adding a glossy finish and enhancing the colour of your block paving. Applying block pave sealer is a relatively straightforward process, meaning that in a few hours, your drive could be completely transformed. 

Regular Power Washing

Power washing your drive will help keep it looking good, especially after removing weeds. Before starting, get a stiff garden brush and sweep away the top layer of dirt. Once this has been done, use your power washer to remove more stubborn dirt and stains. Always make sure the pressure you are using isn’t too harsh, as incorrect use could possibly end up causing damage to your paving. 

Remove Stains 

If you regularly park your car on the drive, then you could inadvertently create oil or grease marks on the surface. Making sure these marks are removed quickly will make a big difference to the look of your drive. The best way to do this is to use a paper towel to remove the liquid while the stain is still wet. Do not scrub the area as this may spread the stain and make things worse. Instead, just dab the stain or alternatively, place the towel on top. Once dry, there are numerous products or natural remedies available to you, especially designed to effectively remove stains.

Reinstate The Sand

If your block paving is several years old, the sand between the bricks could start to wear away. Natural elements will gradually cause sand to break down and gaps may appear in between the lines. Reinstating the sand is not a big task – and can be completed quickly; all you need is some kiln dried sand and a soft bristle brush. All you need to do then is sweep the sand over the gaps to ensure a good covering is achieved. Before you start, it may be worth doing some research to find the best products available to you. 

Good Luck with Your Driveway Makeover!

We hope you found our latest article helpful. Once you’ve stocked up on supplies, you should be all set to turn back the clock on your tired driveway. No matter how you decide to approach the challenge, we wish you the best of luck with your driveway renovation efforts.