8 DIY Tips that will Help you Maintain your Blinds

Fitting blinds in Livingston or anywhere else in the UK can undoubtedly offer a variety of benefits to any home or business. However, when it comes round to cleaning them people start to wonder whether they would have been better with a pair of curtains that can be easily taken down and washed or dry cleaned. There is no point in trying to claim that cleaning blinds is an easy job because that is just not true. However, we have compiled a list of DIY tips that can actually make the onerous task of cleaning your blinds a little less stressful. 

Invest in a Good Microfibre Duster

While microfibre cloths are useful for cleaning blinds, getting your hands on a specific blind duster will make your task much easier. An inexpensive microfibre duster is likely to reduce the time it takes to clean your blinds by two-fold. 

Vinegar is not Just Good for Chips

This is a DIY tip specifically aimed at people who have wooden blinds installed in their homes or business. Vinegar while being a tasty addition to a traditional bag of fish and chips also has many qualities that make it ideal for use as a cleaning agent. Vinegar can not only cut through grease and dust but also has antimicrobial properties and will not discolour wood or cause it to warp. 

Vacuum Fabric Blinds

The dust brush of a vacuum cleaner can be extremely useful when it comes to cleaning fabric blinds. It is imperative that you keep your vacuum on a low setting otherwise you could cause damage to your blinds. Another option if you do not have a vacuum cleaner is to use a hairdryer as this will perform the same function. 

Use Fabric Detergent for Stains on Fabric Blinds

If you find yourself with stains on your fabric blinds that seem to be completely ingrained the problem is not insurmountable. You can easily get rid of them with a good fabric detergent and have your blinds looking as good as new in no time. 

Wash the Blinds

If you have Venetian blinds fitted in your property then the easiest and most efficient way to clean them is to wash them. The ideal thing to do is soak them in warm water for a while then wipe them clean with a sponge mop. 

Dry Them Thoroughly

If you wash your Venetian blinds it is essential that you allow enough time for them to dry out properly. It may seem obvious but the best way to do this is to simply hang them out on the line and let the wind get to work. If you are struggling for a time another alternative is to towel dry them.

Invest in a Good Wood Conditioner

Once you have cleaned your wooden blinds it is advisable to apply some wood conditioner. This will ensure they are protected from the effects of the sunlight to which they are regularly exposed. 

Move From Dry to Wet

An excellent tip when cleaning any type of blinds is to first use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust. The use of a wet cloth to remove dust will create more mess. So, start with a dry cloth and then where stains remain, use the wet cloth to remove them. 

This is obviously not a definitive list but hopefully, it will help you keep your blinds well maintained and looking smart. Remember the more care you take of your blinds the longer they will last.