Factors to consider when choosing a basement waterproofing company

You may be in a hurry to look for a basement waterproofing company, but that should not make you go for any contractor you meet in your search. You have to get someone who understands basement proofing projects and one who has been in the industry for several years. That way, you’re sure you’re getting the right outcome for your job. Remember, you’ll have to live with the results, and this is more of the issue of ensuring safety in your home.

Find here a few tips on choosing a basement waterproofing company

The contractor’s credentials

Does the contractor have a certificate to show that they are trained in the area of waterproofing? Find out if they have a license to operate in your area. Without the requisite documents, you could be dealing with a rogue contractor, which can be dangerous. Ask for referrals also from friends, family, and colleagues. 

Most importantly, you can check out the company website for reviews by their clients to see how they have handled contracts before. You can also call organizations like better Business Bureau to check if the basement waterproofing contractor is in good standing.

Interview several

When choosing a contractor to do the waterproofing work, you need to get a list of a few and interview them. Where possible, you can have a physical meeting with each and ask the hard questions there. Their responses to your inquiries will tell you if they are a good fit or not worth the hire. Tell the prospective contractors the problem with your basement and see how they handle your questions. The solutions they give you and how practical they are will tell you if they’re a perfect fit or not.

Compare their costs

When you go looking for a basement waterproofing contractor, you have a budget to work with. Therefore, even as you select who to interview, you have to consider a company that doesn’t fall far from your expectations regarding how much you wish to spend. Choosing a not very costly contractor will allow you to do a thorough job and even save for some other helpful development in your home.

But also, there is a danger in choosing a contractor because they are cheap is also setting yourself up for failure. Most companies that offer cheap rates are also withholding some information they would rather keep to themselves. Probably their services are not up to standard, and others are newbies trying their luck in the rather lucrative industry. You’d rather pay more for quality work than being enticed by low costs and end up with regrets.


This is the most critical consideration when it comes to choosing a basement waterproofing company. You want to deal with a contractor who has been in the industry for not less than five years. That way, you know they understand several trends in the market and can apply one that works perfectly for you.

You need to be careful when choosing a waterproofing company. Make sure you interview them and check out their portfolio (see one Direct Waterproofing has) before signing the contract. That way, you’re sure the one you choose is up to the task.