How To Create The Perfect Ambience In Your Home Through The Use Of Wall Lighting

Providing a welcome difference from more typical lighting solutions such as lamps or ceiling lights, wall lights can bring a luxurious touch to your interior and can help to create a relaxing ambience in your home. With many different options available on the market including hooked wall lights and caged wall lights, there are many different aesthetics which can be achieved through your lighting and interior design choices.

Naturally, it is important to consider the size, scale, and style of the room in which you are considering your lighting options. In order to achieve the correct ambience through your lighting you must take a holistic approach as each lamp, ceiling light and wall light will interact and interplay with the other creating a fusion of various light emitting sources within your room. Interior designers and lighting experts refer to this as ‘layering’ which has previously mentioned has a profound effect when you are trying to achieve a dynamic and interesting ambience within your home. The best rooms achieve this through a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting of which wall lights can be considered a crucial option.

Intelligently placed wall lights can be used to create a focal point within a room, perhaps on a piece of artwork or above a sofa, and when paired with the correct bulb can create that luxurious and relaxed feel. This is particularly desirable in either a bedroom or a sitting room environment which should be your sanctuary from the busyness and stress of everyday life. Moreover, as well as different types of lights you should consider mixing complementary colours across the bulb colour spectrum or perhaps even pairing with some LED strips. This will help to achieve a greater depth and complexity to your lighting structure.

Finally, it’s worth noting that lighting is often a process of trial and error so do not be put off if you don’t achieve your desired ambience immediately. Stick to the basic principles of layering and using a variety of different types of lights (we have highlighted wall lights in this article), and you will soon achieve the ambience you desire in your home.