It might be difficult enough to figure out how to adorn flat walls, much alone sloped ones. Hanging photographs the conventional way may not be the best option because of potential distortion caused by your viewing angle. Because of this, you’ll need to think outside the box on how to decorate your walls. We hope that the following list of suggestions will serve as a starting point to learn This.

How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom?

#1:Decorative Wallpaper Hung at An Angle

Wallpaper is a classic that has stood the test of time, and although it may seem old, it is still a fantastic option for covering a whole wall or even just a part of one. Wallpaper often looks nice from any angle, therefore the largest challenge when putting it on a sloping wall is probably the wall itself.


Wallpapering, on the other hand, may provide an interesting effect if done properly and with the necessary equipment. Select an item without a noticeable repeating pattern to prevent an unnatural appearance. Think about the room’s overall concept while deciding what colors and patterns will look best on the slanted wall.

#2:Utilizing Complementary and Complementary Colors

Color blocking in contrasting colors may help soften the visual impact of a sloped wall. You could do polka dots, stripes, or a geometric design, or even just mix the colors together. It might draw attention to the wall and open up the space created by the angle. If you want the wall to mix in with the rest of the room’s decor, you may simply use the same colors. Light and airy colors are recommended, while darker hues may make the space seem smaller.

#3:Add Visual Texture

Installing wooden beams or struts on the wall may provide visual depth. This is an excellent method of changing the appearance of the walls and space substantially with less effort. Staining exposed wooden beams may make them stand out and serve as a focal point in a space if they are already present. You may paint it to coordinate with the room’s current color scheme or to stand in stark contrast to it.


The tapestry or other wall hanging may be hung at an angle by pinning each of the four corners to the wall. It may either be hung loosely, creating depth by billowing out or tautly, resting flat against the wall. It really just comes down to how much room you have and how you want to use it. If the tapestry has a pattern, it might provide visual appeal if it is hung loosely, whereas if it features a picture or image, it is best seen if it is laid flat.

#5:Stencils and Decals

If you’re renting, you may easily add some personality to your space by decorating with decals and stencils that look like decals. Even if you aren’t, this is a simple and affordable method to alter the ambiance of a space, especially if you want to often switch things around. To create an atmosphere, you may use several tiny decals to represent elements like flying birds or the night sky.

Larger stencils may be applied over panels to create elaborate designs like a tree that climbs the vertical surface of the room from floor to ceiling. You may also opt for stripes, curves, or dots to create an intriguing and diverse appearance throughout your walls if you like something more abstract with a more neutral tone.

#6:Bramwell Brown Weather Clock


Clocks are fantastic wall decorations, and although it may be difficult to place one on a sloped wall, it’s still worth a go. All that is required of you is to locate a clock that is both aesthetically pleasing and accurate. Clocks with a strong side profile and a deep frame, like the Bramwell Brown Weather Clock, may work well on the sloping wall since the clock becomes more visually engaging from the side.

#7:Slanted Wall Illumination Layout

Consider installing a skylight in the sloped wall if the price tag is manageable. This option is more costly than the others, but it allows natural light to enter, which helps compensate for the cramped feeling created by the sloped walls.

Having windows in a room is not only aesthetically pleasing but also improves one’s disposition. Since it is difficult to have ceiling lighting that is bright enough to illuminate the whole area and there is limited space for floor lamps, rooms with sloped walls often do not get a lot of light. It’s also a cutting-edge method of breathing new life into an aging home’s interior.

#8:String Lights

String lights are another option for adding ambiance and light to a space; they may be hung from the ceiling or the wall and secured at the top of the slope and the bottom. In comparison to a skylight, this option is far more cost-effective.

Consider the possibility that some of these concepts may be realized via the creative use of existing resources. For the tapestry, old clothing might be refashioned into a decorative wall hanging. One more option is to combine different concepts. If you want to change up your already installed wallpaper, try adding some stencils or decals.