How to Improve the Security of your Business Premises

There is a common misconception that only residential properties are targeted by burglars. But this is far from the truth since burglars routinely target businesses due to the value of the assets they can steal. Many businesses now contain a large amount of hi-tech electrical equipment which is of particular interest to burglars. 

As with domestic properties, burglars will always look for the easy option when it comes to targeting properties. So, if your property has good security such as an alarm and CCTV there is a good chance a would-be intruder will walk past in search of an easier option. So, what can you do to ensure your property is adequately protected against the threat posed by would-be thieves. We have listed five things below that we believe are essential when it comes to the security of your business. 

Make Sure all Doors, Windows and Other Access Points are Secure

One of the most obvious entry points for thieves is through a badly secured door or window. All your doors and windows must be fitted with high-grade British Standard approved locks. Our advice would be to employ the services of a Sunderland Locksmiths or one from the area in which your business is situated to check your current locks and advise on any upgrades you may require. It is also worth checking whether your insurance company has placed any stipulation on the type of locks you are required to comply with the terms of your policy. 

A keyless access control system might also be worth considering, as it eliminates the need to issue keys to staff members. That way you can ensure that only authorized staff can gain entry to the building. 

Install a Quality Alarm System 

Because modern technology has taken great strides forward over recent years alarm systems are now much more accessible. If you want to choose an alarm system, you should think about whether it will be linked to a security firm or the police. Doing this will give you 24/7 coverage and if you advertise the fact in a prominent place it will often be a real deterrent to potential intruders. 

Don’t Underestimate the Value of CCTV 

The improvement in the quality of CCTV has made it a much more useful tool in the prevention and detection of crimes. Most CCTV systems can now be monitored on a phone or tablet, giving you 24/7 access to what is going on at your business property. At one time the recordings from CCTV cameras used to be blurred and virtually useless when it came to identifying intruders. Due to the improvement in quality, the footage is now routinely used by police to arrest and prosecute thieves and other criminals. Installing CCTV in Manchester or wherever you are located may help you negotiate lower premiums with your insurer. 

Make Use of External Lighting and Motion Sensors

Keeping the exterior of your property well lit will most definitely deter potential thieves. As with domestic burglaries, a lot of commercial break-ins are opportunist crimes. This means that would-be thieves will usually walk past well-protected properties in search of an easier target. Darkness is the friend of thieves as it helps reduce the chances of being seen and identified. Therefore by ensuring you keep your property well illuminated you will significantly reduce the chance of being burgled. 

Another reason for keeping the exterior of your property well lit is to help ensure the safety of your staff, especially on dark winter mornings and evenings. It can be slightly unnerving walking across dark unlit driveways or car parks. 

Have a Proper Security Survey 

We probably should have put this section at the beginning, you must understand your property and any weaknesses it has when it comes to security. This will allow you to implement any measures needed to ensure you are fully protected. You should also make sure your staff are fully conversant with security in the workplace. This will mean everyone will be able to react correctly if there is a problem. Any reputable security company will be able to carry out a risk assessment for you and identify any steps needed to improve the level of security in your property. 

Regardless of there being no guarantees when it comes to your business’s security, by following the steps described above you will undoubtedly improve your company’s security and reduce the chances of being targeted by thieves significantly.