Murano Glass Sculptures

Home décor is one of the popular subjects today, and people are trying to find new ways of making their homes unique and luxurious.

There are a lot of decorations for your furniture and stands, however to make it stylish and elegant the proper ornament for any desk is a sculpture. Sculptures vary from type to type, style to style, and material to material. Nonetheless, in this article we are going to introduce you to the new type of sculptures that took the world by a storm.

It’s not even a question how important sculptures are to one’s home, setting that new level of luxury in whatever room it’s set. Another advantage is the elegant ambiance it brings forth, especially the Murano Glass sculptures, for which we are going to speak today.

A Murano Glass sculpture give a huge essence to the home, making it more grandeur and evergreen. No matter if you choose a detailed or a simple sculpture, the accent of that piece will brighten the whole house up. You might find another decorative ornament to put in your home, however no other piece can match the luxury of the sculpture, enhancing the aesthetics of the home.

They also bring attention to other furniture items, they magnify the details of everything around them. You might ask yourself, how are these sculptures so unique, well it’s all about their history. The Murano Glass artwork dates back to the 13th century when back then it was the main decoration in one of the oldest Venetian palaces. That brings the origin of this glass, it’s exclusively made in Murano, Italy, which is a small island next to the floating city of Venice. It’s so unique and exclusive that the province of Veneto, where these two islands are located  issued a trademark of originality, meaning this glass cannot be produced anywhere else, because they won’t be awarded this trademark, making it just a cheap knockoff. That’s why all the Murano Glass shops are mainly located in Venice and Murano and the skilled artisans that are making these figures of art, are coming from this small island.

Another very important thing, that differentiates this artwork from all of the rest, is that they are hand-made without the use of any machinery, resulting in a one of a kind piece, an imperfect perfection so to say. These skilled artisans are making it with a specific technique of glass blowing, which takes decades to master. The eccentric colors of the sculptures are gotten by mixing minerals with the glass, each mineral brings forth a unique color. 

Now let’s get more into the details of the Sculptures, there are many types that are made by Murano glass, from which the most popular are: Lovers Sculptures, Picasso Heads, Abstract Figures, Animal Figures, Aquariums, and many more.

The two best sellers of the categories are the Lovers and Picasso Heads. As Valentines is coming, so does the demand for the Lovers Sculptures. They signify two lovers that are margining into one, representing true love, and extraordinary connection.

The sleek traces supply delicacy and softness to the discern that conveys the concept of love, additionally remembered with the aid of using the heart-fashioned base on which it rests. In fact, those strategies make the sculptures a luxurious decoration to be located in any room of the home, giving it a cutting-edge and fashionable design. The shades of all the colors, gotten by combining different minerals and metals, make the presence of precious stones inside the glass. These Murano glass sculptures can be given and gifted to your significant other, friend, family, or anyone else that you love and appreciate. The Picasso Heads, as the name suggests, are pieces that correspond with some of the arts of Picasso. They are rich in color and most of them have speckles of gold making them requested by many customers around the world. Even the Abstract figures, animals, aquariums and every other sculpture represents something bigger and is special to someone.As we mentioned previously, you should specifically look for a trademark of originality, to make sure you buy an original piece. If you don’t have the time or opportunity to go to Venice and buy some of these masterpieces, do not worry, as there are few authentic websites which are selling it, such as On their website you can find a lot of other Murano figures, such as glassware, vases, centerpieces and much more.