If you struggle with stepping on a cold tiled bathroom floor on a winter morning, then you know that a heated bathroom floor is a necessity. Having a heated bathroom floor is not only a luxury that leaves your floor more comfortable and appealing, but it also contributes to efficient heating. 

Installing a heated bathroom floor involves installing a source of radiant heat below your main flooring. The heat can come from a hydronic or an electric heating element. Let’s look at the pros of having bathrooms with heated floors.

Uniform heating of your floor

One of the greatest perks of bathroom floor heating Toronto is that it leaves you with a uniformly heated floor. The source of heat installed beneath the floor heats the entire bathroom floor giving you an ambient and comfortable temperature even during the cold winter mornings. 

That is very unlike with HVAC units that can dispense warm air but most often uneven. For example, you might notice that the air is only warm near the HVAC unit. A heated bathroom floor does not leave any cold spots.

Improves your energy efficiency

Installing a heated bathroom floor is 25% more energy-efficient than using the traditional HVAC unit. The good thing is that you can save more on energy costs depending on the heating option you choose. For instance, electric floor heating systems take less than an hour to heat your bathroom saving you more energy costs.

Good for your health

Heated bathroom floors provide the maximum comfort you need during cold winters. Fluctuations in temperature are usually a bother, especially to people with health issues accelerated by the cold weather, such as asthma and pneumonia. Even heat distribution allows you to enjoy a comfortable environment with your thermostat set at a lower temperature to save you more energy costs.

Silent operation

Another great perk of having a heated bathroom floor is that it provides a noise-free operation, unlike the traditional HVAC systems. Radiant floor heating creaking or swooshing sounds like in fans, ducts, or pumps. A heated floor does not hinder your interior design; it is out of sight and works quietly.


It is possible to customize your bathroom floor heating. The heating system comes with thermostats that have adjustable temperature settings so you can adjust them to your perfect temperature. The modern ones have timers too, making it easy to customize your experience.


A heated bathroom floor is safe. It doesn’t burn your feet, and you don’t have to worry even if you have toddlers crawling around. You can also ensure the unit brings in quality air along with safety, especially if your household has people with allergies.

Maintainance free

A heated bathroom floor is maintenance-free, helping you save more. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about maintenance schedules.

Boots your home value

Installing a heated bathroom floor increases your home, value-boosting its resale price as well. It is a luxury that every potential home buyer would like to have.

The bottom line

Installing a heated bathroom floor comes with more therapeutic benefits, a comfortable living environment, and saves you more heating costs.