Thinking of Bathroom Remodeling? Here are 10 Ideas To Inspire You

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, you may be unsure of where to start or just how much to remodel.  Should you remove that old bathtub in exchange for a walk-in shower?  Or should you switch up your vinyl floor for tile?  Do you really need to upgrade your toilet?  These are the questions all homeowners who are considering a bathroom remodel ask. To help inspire you, here are 10 bathroom remodeling ideas.

Upgrade Your Toilet

If your toilet has been around since the late 90’s it is probably time for an upgrade. Basic toilets are fine, but why not add an energy efficient luxury toilet to your bathroom remodel?  These high-tech toilets come equipped with heated seats, automatic flushing, self-cleaning capability, and even automated night lights.  They are also very stylish and have an attractive and compact modern design.  

Add a Freestanding Bathtub

If you have the space consider adding a sleek freestanding bathtub to your bathroom.  These bathtubs are not like the outdated bathtubs from long ago.  They are elegant, timeless, and often serve as a focal point of a stylish bathroom.  Only consider a freestanding bathtub if you have the space.  You don’t want to remove a shower completely and opt for only a bathtub since it is more of a luxury than a necessity. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

Natural light is hard to come by in most bathrooms.  So you’ll need to find a way to layer lighting to get the most natural effect.  First consider the bulbs you are using in your overhead light.  Opt for a warm but bright bulb that won’t act like a spotlight.  Next consider the lighting around your mirror.  These should be warm and a bit softer than your overhead light since they will most lightly be close to eye level.  Finally consider adding LED shelf lighting or cabinet lights that can add a warm glow to far away corners of your bathroom. 

Incorporate Storage Solutions

Storage in a bathroom is a must since you need to find a place for everything from soap to towels and beyond.  Ample storage can help keep your vanity counter free from clutter.  Easy installs in any bathroom are floating shelves, medicine cabinets, and built in storage cabinets. 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the ultimate remodel projects is adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls.  Your bathroom should be painted in a neutral color if you are considering selling your home in the next few years.  Neutral colors are the most popular among homebuyers as they provide a blank canvas.  Soft whites, warm grays, and light beiges are alway popular colors.  Of course you can opt for soft blues or serene greens but don’t stray too far into bold color territory or it may make your bathroom appear smaller. 

Add a Double Vanity

The days of small pedestal sinks are long gone.  Homeowners would rather have the additional counter and storage space that a double vanity has to offer.  Double vanities work perfectly in mid to large bathrooms, especially master bathrooms, but can feel awkward in smaller bathrooms.  If you find yourself with a bathroom that is smaller you can skip the double vanity and opt for a single.  But try to find one that has storage underneath. 

Find Color with Shower Tile

You may have stuck with neutral paint on your walls, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of color here and there.  Your shower tiles are a great place to add a bit of extra color.  Since porcelain and ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes you will have no trouble finding the style you want.  Be sure to pick a color or design that matches the style of your bathroom.

Replace old hardware and fixtures

Bathroom fixtures come in a wide variety of styles and finishes which means you won’t have any trouble finding something to replace your old fixtures.  Homebuyers are always looking for upscale fixtures such as rain showerheads and dual showerheads.  They are also interested in vanity faucets that are sleek and elegant.  As with the toilets, bathroom fixtures are a great tool to add energy efficiency to your home.  Fixtures such as touchless faucets with slow flow features and automatic turn off are a great bathroom remodel addition.  While you are switching out your fixtures, make sure to change up your hardware such as shower hooks, towel racks, shower rod, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and sinkhole covers.  Match the style and finish of the hardware and fixtures for a cohesive look. 

Change Flooring

While you are considering wall colors and updating shower tiles, you should also take a long look at your floor.  If you are looking at the same linoleum from the late 90’s you should consider an upgrade.  Vinyl flooring is a great budget friendly flooring option with multiple colors, designs, and patterns to create a fresh updated look.  Another option is tile, which comes in just as many styles and colors but it also provides a layer of texture to your floor.  More luxurious options are natural stone and marble, but be careful if you choose these as marble tends to be slippery and natural stone is more porous than other options. 

Upgrade your Mirror

Just like lighting brings a dimension of warmth to your bathroom so does your bathroom mirror.  With the reflection of light from the mirror you can add quite a bit of depth to your bathroom.  Mirror size will of course depend upon the size of your bathroom, however you should steer clear of overly small mirrors that will do little in enlarging the feel of your bathroom.  If you are interested in adding even more smart technology to your bathroom you can opt for a smart mirror.  These come with blue tooth capability, digital displays, voice control, and dimmable multi-tone lights. 

Consider these ideas as a jumping off point to get your bathroom remodel started.  You should also discuss your plans with a contractor who can help you determine the extent of your remodeling project.  Remember to make your bathroom a room that you will like and that will reflect your personal style.