Tips That Will Keep Your Kiddie Pool Clean All Summer Long

It’s that time of year again, when you have to drag out the kiddie pool and place it in your backyard. But this year, you’re not going to let pesky leaves or bugs get into your water supply and ruin a summer day! We’ve put together some tips on how to keep your kiddie pool clean all summer long. Follow these steps for a safe and fun season of swimming with the kids, or use these natural pool treatment options.

1. Use Chlorine Tabs Instead Of Chlorine Bleach


Use chlorination tablets instead of swimming pool chemicals like chlorine or liquid bleach for everyday maintenance. Chlorine tabs will keep your pool clean without the risk of making it too harsh on hair, skin, and eyes. If you use chlorine bleach to do a deep cleaning, follow with fresh water afterwards so that the concentration of chlorine is reduced.

Keep in mind that the cheapest products are usually just as effective as more expensive brands in keeping pools safe from contaminants such as leaves and algae. 

When using either chlorine tabs or bleach for routine weekly care, always add plenty of shock before adding them to make sure they can work at their best effect. This may take up to three times, depending on the amount used. 

After adding the appropriate amount of shock into the water, spread it around to cover as much surface area as possible, then wait 20 minutes for all chemical levels to even out before adding chlorine tabs or bleach.

2. Use A Skimmer Net To Remove Debris


It is also a good idea to buy a skimmer net that you can use daily to remove debris from your pool. 

For best results, skim off any leaves that are floating on top of the water while they’re still wet so they don’t sink down in between tiles and make their way towards the drain; you may need to use a long-handled brush if there’s enough debris stuck at one end of the pool.

Make sure you remove any toys left behind by children after playtime! Plastic items will only increase bacteria growth in your pool, so make sure you take any equipment left behind out of the water and store them in a shady area.

3. Fill Up The Pool With Fresh Water Before Turning On The Filter


If you have a kiddie pool that has been sitting for months, it may need to be filled up with fresh water before turning on the filter. This will help clear out any dirt and debris in the bottom of your pool from when it was full last summer. The excess water can simply drain out into an adjacent area or flowerbed. 

4. Let Your Kids Enter The Pool With Clean Feet


It’s important to keep the kids’ feet clean before entering the pool. This will help reduce dirt and bacteria that can get into the water from being tracked in with dirty shoes or socks. This will help to reduce the maintenance of keeping a kiddie pool fresh all summer long.


Hopefully, these tips will allow your kiddie pool to stay clean all summer long. You’ll be able to enjoy it as much as your kids by not having to worry about the extra work of a dirty pool.