Top Tips for Cleaning Stairs

To keep a clean, well-presented, and fresh-smelling home, there are a number of obvious bases to cover. You should certainly maintain clean floors and carpets. If there is any dirt on the walls or if the windows are smudged, then this will be a conspicuous indicator of neglect. And then there are of course the things that offend the nose instead of the eye. Any indoor-stored shoes should be treated with a good shoe deodorizer spray, like ShoeFresh, in order to ensure that one of the more offensive smells out here doesn’t permeate the home. 

One area that is actually trickier than it looks, however, is the stairs. Keeping your stairs in good shape might seem like it involves much the same method as dealing with the floor, whether it be carpeted or not. But the stairs and any landings in between present some pretty unique challenges. This is all down to those corners and edges that are a feature of every step on the way from the lower floor to the upper. Cleaning the stairs can be quite the headache. Most people manage it eventually, but did you know that there is a tried-and-true means of keeping stairs clean that can shorten the duration of the task by a considerable amount? Here follows a guide on how to keep your stairs clean like a pro. 

Tips for Keeping Stairs Clean 

Remember, stairs are essentially a thoroughfare, meaning that they are a part of your home that people walk over regularly. No one will be regularly circling the dinner tables or pacing up and down in front of the TV in the living room, but people will be regularly going up and down stairs every day – at least. This is why extra diligence is perhaps appropriate in order to keep stairs clean. In terms of frequency, you should aim to clean your staircase once a week. 

Carpet or Floor?

Remember also that there will be a slight difference depending on whether your staircase is carpeted or not. Despite what you might think though, this difference is not so great. It merely means that some extra vigorous vacuuming will be necessary in the case of carpets, and you’ll have to get the mop out in the case of a hard floor. Besides that, the main task of vacuuming is largely the same. 

Start From the Top and Work Down 

…and face upwards as you do so. You may not be too fond of the idea of lugging all your cleaning equipment up to the top floor, but it will actually save you effort in the long run. By starting at the top and working downwards, you will prevent yourself from dirtying recently cleaned stairs – and all your equipment will be on the ground floor again at the end. 

Broom First, Vacuum After 

If your stairs are hard flooring, then the first thing you should do is sweep all the dust and debris down to the bottom and then vacuum once you get to the bottom. That way, you will avoid maneuvering your vacuum cleaning awkwardly around the staircase as you go. Unfortunately, if you have a carpet, you will have to meet this fate. 

Don’t Forget the Railing and Baluster

Quite simply, cleaning a staircase involves this task too. Avail yourself of an appropriate cleaning spray and a damp cloth. And work as you go. 

And that really is all there is to it. There might be some awkward space to get into as you go, but by following these tips, you will at least be faced the shortest task reasonably possible.