Which Products to Use to Care for Hot Water Tubs

Having a hot tub may work wonders. Soaking in warm and soothing waters several steps from the back door opens up many wellness benefits, from more opportunities for family time to improved sleep and relaxing massages. For you to enjoy those benefits, you will need to take good care of your hot water tub.

Why Hot Tub Care and Maintenance Are Important

Caring for and keeping your tub well-maintained will help to prolong its lifespan while protecting yourself and your family from bacteria and germs. It can also minimize future repairs your tub might require as it ages.

Creating a simple routine for your hot tub water care and maintenance will keep the water clear and clean while making the entire system run flawlessly. And you wouldn’t want bacteria to build up or enter contaminants to enter the water, making it foamy or cloudy.

Products You Need

Although you wouldn’t want to experience hot tub water issues, it will be best to get prepared. You may need to delay your soak for around 20 minutes to let the products do their work. But that will be better than having to make impromptu shopping trips to shop for hot tub products. Some of the products you will need include:

1. pH Balancers

In order to maintain a perfect pH balance in a hot tub, you will require both a pH decrease and a pH increase. You will use a pH increase when the pH of water goes below 7.2, and you will need a pH decrease when it goes above 7.8.

In order to test the pH of your spa, use the right spa test strip kit. You need to make a test trip on the water twice or thrice to maintain both contamination and the spa’s pH levels.

2. Spa Sanitizers

When hot water tub owner talks of keeping their water clean, they refer to the sanitizing process. Sanitizing hot tubs is important as it helps to get rid of bacteria as well as other microorganisms causing illnesses. The most common spa sanitizers are chlorine and bromine. Both come with pros and cons.

3. Shock Treatments

In addition to the sanitizer you use, it is advisable to oxidize or ‘shock dose’ your water every week with the right non-chlorine shock treatment. You will need shock dosing to do the following:

  • Get rid of organic compounds
  • Kill bacteria
  • Break down chloramines

Maintenance Tips

It is simple to overdo it with some Jacuzzi chemicals. But provided you have enough sanitizer, your hot tub can be safe.

While it may also sound unpalatable, you will sweat when you are in a hot tub. This sweat remains in the water along with products, like make-up, deodorant, fake tan, and hair gel, until you consider using shock products to eliminate them.

Always Consult an Expert in Hot Tub Water Care Matters

Before using any hot tub care products, consult the right pool expert or talk to a friend who already owns a swimming pool. They can help with all the questions about your swimming pool and the right products you need.