Why you must hire a countertop installation company

Installing countertops is a job that you can do using DIY techniques or hire a professional installation company. However, there are risks involved in installing the countertops yourselves, and research has shown that 70% of homeowners who do it end up hiring a professional to correct mistakes or reinstall. That’s a cost you can avoid. 

Reading this article, you’ll get more reasons you must hire a countertop installation company.

It’s a complex project.

Countertop installation is not a simple affair that you can do on your own. There are materials to be cut to fit your appliances, the sinks, and other features in the kitchen. That requires knowledge and experience on the correct cutting procedures. Again, your kitchen may be having those sharp corners and an island that is complex to deal with. 

Avoid amateur mistakes

You’re not skilled in matters countertop installation, and therefore you’re bound to make costly mistakes. Some places would require you to trim some of the materials. You’re not sure how to go about such, and thus you may end up with the wrong shape and dimensions. Therefore you may have to throw away that quartz material which is so expensive. A professional does that with perfection and will ensure the seals are correctly done to avoid creating a hideout for bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.

Proper handling

The countertops are meant to be durable, but some of the materials used are fragile. Some like granite and soapstone must be handled with care, and any mistake may cause cracks. Others are so heavy, so they need the right equipment to lift; otherwise, I’d you choose to do the work yourself, you won’t do it. The professional countertop installation company has the tools, equipment, and experts to do the job. In a record time, you have the work done and perfectly so.

Insurance and license

 A Professional countertop installation company is licensed to do the work and therefore bound by law to offer quality services, and in case their work is unsatisfactory, you have recourse. Again, they must have an insurance cover so that if there’s damage in your home, you can be compensated or if a worker gets injured, there’s the liability insurance that covers them.

Increased home value

When you have a professional doing the countertops installation, you’re sure that the job is done perfectly using Quality materials, which boosts your value. So if you’re planning to resell your property or getting a valuation to use it as collateral, visit the website and allow a professional to do the work for you.


Most homeowners think it’s expensive to hire a countertop expert, but you can’t compare the cost of correcting amateur mistakes to using the DIY techniques with hiring a professional. Remember, once they do the job, you’ll not need to do repairs repeatedly. Again, a reputable company will give you a repair warranty, so you’re sure in case of anything; you’ve someone who has your back.

 The benefits of working with a professional countertop installation company are enormous. Most importantly, you’ve Peace of mind knowing that the installation professional will deliver a great job.