10 Ways to Increase the Value of Your property

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or just looking for ways to increase the living space for you and your family, there are a lot of improvements you can make that add value in the process. So, what are the types of things you can do to both ensure you get the most out of your property while increasing its potential worth? 

Listed below are ten of the different ways you can add value to any property:


One of the most inexpensive ways of adding to the value of any house or apartment is by redecorating. This is especially true if you do the majority of the work yourself. Repainting your walls and woodwork will undoubtedly enhance the look of both the inside and outside of any property. While replacing flooring or having it professionally cleaned and repairing damaged fixtures and fittings will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. 

When redecorating, try to not to go overboard with the use of bright and garish colours, as this often turns off buyers. If you are thinking of selling a property, try and keep it neutral, as this will make it easier for prospective buyers to put their own stamp on the property. 

Replace Existing Windows

 Replacing any old or tired looking windows with good quality new windows is a sure-fire way to increase the value of any property. Not only will it give your home more aesthetic appeal, but installing energy-efficient windows will assist in reducing energy bills, resulting in a long-term financial saving. Another benefit of new windows is that they can give a house added security, which is always appealing to homebuyers. 

Transform Unused Space

If your garage Is not being used to house your car or other vehicles, why not think about turning it into extra living space. Similarly the conversion of your loft or attic into either an extra bedroom or even a home office could add up to 15% to the value of your property. 

In the majority of cases planning permission will not be needed to convert these areas of your home, however this type of conversion will have to comply with building regulations. So before starting, it is advisable to check with either an architect or building inspector to ensure the space is suitable for conversion. 

Increase Your Existing Space

Before deciding you need to move to a bigger house, why not explore the possibility of increasing the square footage of your existing property. This can be done by the addition of an extension or a conservatory. 

In the current market where house prices are constantly rising many people are making the decision to extend their current property rather than buy a new house. This is seen as a cost-effective alternative to moving, with the added benefit of increasing the value of your existing property. One thing to take into account when doing work is the ceiling price of the location. Always check this to ensure any work done will not end up being a cost you cannot recover.

Update Your Bathroom

The addition of an extra bathroom or the renovation of an existing one is an excellent way to add value to any home. To try and keep costs down, wherever possible keep to your existing layout as moving pipework can prove expensive. If the cost of a new bathroom is prohibitive, refreshing your existing one will make a difference. Low-cost solutions such as repainting walls and maybe cleaning or replacing tiles can have a big effect on the look of any bathroom. 

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

While investing in a new kitchen may seem a significant expense, it can add real value to a property. It has been proven that a kitchen that looks both stylish and hygienic is a real selling point for any home. 

When considering any refurbishment work, the starting point should probably be the kitchen as that is the area that will add most value to your property. Always think about things such as natural light, attractive practical surfaces and quality appliances when updating your kitchen. 

Make Your Living Space Open Plan

One of the most important things in modern living is to have a multi- functional living space. This can be done by knocking through an internal wall between a kitchen and lounge to create a space suitable for open plan living. However, before getting your sledgehammer out, make sure the wall is not load bearing, or if it is, consult with a professional on your best options. This is a great way to maximise your space with the added bonus of being a great selling point.

Off Street Parking

If you have space consider creating a driveway in front of your property, as off road parking will definitely boost the value of your property. Turning a front garden into parking spaces for one or more cars will generally be attractive to potential buyers. 

Being able to do this will depend on gaining planning permission and regulations will vary from road to road. Also be aware that there are certain regulations you need to comply with when dropping a kerb. However, if it is possible we would strongly advise doing this as houses with parking space command premium prices. 

Redo Your Garden

Another way of adding value is to create an attractive outdoor space. There is nothing more off putting to buyers than an overgrown weed infested garden. 

Simple things like keeping your grass cut and borders weeded, and tidy is a good start. Things like decking or patio areas and outdoor lighting helps create an attractive outdoor area. If you want to take this further consider things like artificial grass or the creation of extra living space with a garden room or even your own bar. 

If your intention is to put your property straight onto the sales market always take cost into account when renovating. Make sure the money you spend will add value and not just become a cost.