Pet transport and relocation

Most pet owners treat Fido or Fluffy like a family member, with birthday parties and rawhide stockings hung on the mantle. These pet owners believe that a pet is more than just a pet; he or she is a beloved member of the family, an essential part of the home, and a devoted best friend.

If the time comes to relocate, having a general understanding of how the process works and answers to common questions will help alleviate concerns about the pet’s upcoming move and facilitate a smooth transition from the relocation counsellor to the pet relocation company.

What is the procedure for relocating a pet?

Pet relocation companies claim to be able to serve the entire globe. The procedure is simple: pets are typically picked up at the transferee’s home, checked in at the departure airport, cleared through customs upon arrival, and delivered to their owner’s new home. Pet relocation specialists are also typically in charge of selecting appropriate flight arrangements, thoroughly reviewing import and export documents, and counselling the transferee on the intricate details of their pet’s move.

Some pet relocation services arrange door-to-door moves by opening offices in major metropolitan areas or franchising their businesses in different parts of the world. On the other hand, a pet is not always travelling to and from the main ports of entry–sometimes it is necessary to facilitate customs clearances or deliveries in more obscure cities and countries. The majority of reputable pet relocation companies are members of the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). By establishing ethics standards and overseeing the performance of its members, the association regulates and monitors the pet transportation industry. As part of their membership, businesses gain access to a global network of pet transportation professionals with proven track records for the services they provide.

After all, the world is a big place.

Sending their pet to a new country becomes even more daunting and worrying for transferees making international moves. At first, the variety of import requirements and quarantine restrictions can be overwhelming. Each country has its own set of import and export requirements, so the pet relocation professional must be familiar with shipping to and from the transferee’s destination. International pet relocations, like human relocations, necessitate months of planning and meticulous attention to paperwork details. A pet relocation company ensures that all documentation is in order before the pet departs the origin country, avoiding delays or problems upon arrival.

Finally, home.

After all of the stressors of moving, a transferee is happiest when their pet arrives safely at their new home. A corporate relocation professional does not have to worry about the complexities of a pet move because of careful planning and open communication between the transferee and the pet relocation specialist. Pet owners from Albany to Amsterdam will agree that their house isn’t a home until their best friend is resting quietly beside them.