5 Amazing Features Of Massage Chairs

The demand for massage chairs is on the rise, and rightfully so. Using a massage chair has immense health benefits such as improved sleep, stress relief, and increased blood circulation. Moreover, even those who don’t experience health problems can enjoy the benefits of one; we all suffer from stress and emotional or physical pain at some point in our lives. Massage chairs make it easier to relax and unwind after a long day’s work. They have different features, and here are five amazing features you should consider when buying one;

Heated rollers

The heated rollers are one of the most popular features found in massage chairs. The rollers are made using materials that do not conduct electricity, so you can be sure that they won’t cause any harm to your body. These rollers have different textures, and they are designed to provide a deep-kneading effect similar to what you’d expect from a professional masseuse.

Many models now come with heat therapy. When an area is warmed up before receiving treatment, it helps accelerate muscle recovery and reduces post-massage soreness. Some models include heating pads beneath the seat cushion, which gently heats entire legs for maximum comfort.

Foot extension

When buying a massage chair, another cool feature you should consider is the foot extension. This provides a gentle massage to your feet, calves, and heels. The soothing effect of a foot massage is very relaxing. This feature can be particularly important if you’re sitting for extended periods of time, such as while working in an office or while commuting. Some models also include air compression, which blows up to give a gentle wave motion to your feet, which feels amazing after a hard day’s work!

Air compression

This feature allows you to adjust how intense the compression should be depending on whether you want deep muscle relaxation or just light stimulation. Air compression does not require any electrical input from the chair itself other than what it takes to power its built-in internal blowers. Users who have lower back pain or suffer from arthritis can greatly benefit from this feature.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is another critical feature you should consider when buying a massage chair. Users tend to spend much of their day sitting, and it’s essential that your chairs provide proper lumbar support for maximum comfort. It also helps reduce back stress which makes for a healthier spine. Most models include adjustable features that let the user control how intense the message is on any particular area and control the speed at which the motors operate. 


How cool is it that you can now listen to your favorite jams while receiving a massage? In fact, several models already include built-in speakers. There are even some models that let you record your playlist or allow you to stream music from your mp3 or other devices via Bluetooth.

The features mentioned above are just some of the many that can help you find a great massage chair. With all of these amazing features, it’s no surprise that the demand for massage chairs is increasing.