Upgrade Your Home by Painting Your Patio!

 A patio is an essential haven in any modem home. It’s an excellent spot for relaxation and entertainment after a hectic day. However, how you maintain it matters, and a dull patio can ruin an otherwise beautiful home. You can remodel your patio by adding a fresh coat of paint to the surfaces or furniture.  

Patios feature different materials, but these can wear with time and look drab and unsightly. Why not spruce up your patio with glossy paint? There are different choices available, and you can get the most suitable hue for your needs.

 When should I paint my concrete patio?

 A dirty patio can be a put-off. However, this shouldn’t bother you. You can always apply a fresh coat of paint and transform that dull look into an adorable space. Like other painting projects, timing is key, and you should prepare your patio for the job.

 For instance, some paints won’t work well in certain climates, and you may have to postpone the task in winter. Too much cold or rain can affect the adherence of your paint to the concrete and drying as well. Nevertheless, you can paint your patio at most times of the year and use your color of choice. Search online to see more information and paint varieties.

How can I prepare my patio for painting? 

Concrete is hardy, meaning it can withstand wear and tear for a long duration. However, this isn’t to mean that you can paint without prepping the surface. The first step to preparing your surface should be cleaning and ensuring that the concrete is free from particles. Once done, rinse and allow it to dry before applying the paint. 

 For very dirty patios, power washing works best, particularly if you engage a professional. Besides, using improper power washing elements can ruin your concrete patio. Sealing is yet another crucial step. However, test if your concrete needs sealing using plastic wrap. Cover all the edges with the wrap or tape and leave overnight. If you spot moisture or condensation the following day, your concrete needs sealing.

 Which paint should I use?

 Most concrete patios can withstand wear and tear in high-traffic areas. But, there are specific paints suited for these types of patios. For instance, concrete or masonry paint or epoxy specifically works best. Staining is also common in untreated concretes and will add shine to the stone grains. Where can I get quality patio paint? Promain, a leading UK company stocks different patio and driveway paints. The team can help you determine the best choice for your surface. 

Which is the best paint color to consider?

 Your choices are endless when it comes to patio paints. You can get the best match and shade for your patio and still match it with other elements in your outdoors. Paint experts will advise you to pick a shade that complements your lifestyle or theme in the home.

If you fancy that simple look, gray would be ideal. But if you want the patio to fade into your landscape, a modern rust color will help you achieve that earthy look.

Do I need a professional painter?

You can go the DIY way or engage a professional. Although painting by yourself seems cheap, an expert will come with numerous gains. Professional painters know how to mix and match the colors to achieve that stunning look on your patio. Also, they possess the necessary tools for the job. A professional painter will save time and help avoid costly mistakes.

In summary, you’ll come across exterior paints in the market. Choose high-quality paint and shop from reputed suppliers. Simple mistakes like choosing sub-standard paint will ruin the look of your patio and the entire home.