How to choose a basement renovation contractor

Every house hunter has in their list the basement. The basement is a must-have, whether used as a play area, man cave, exercise room, or even storage. For most people, basements are used as dank rooms, a place for doing laundry, and for others, it’s an entertainment area. That means house buyers would appreciate a well-finished basement and thus the reason you need to renovate. 

You also need to have some more space to do other things that you can do in the main house.

What’s the benefit of a basement renovation?

Research has shown that a finished basement could increase your property value by over 70%. It may not add to the overall house square footage but will create more room for the family as guest rooms, office, home classrooms, name them.  

There are thousands of basement renovation companies in the market today, making it hard to get the right one for the job. That’s why reading this article; you’ll get tips on hiring the right contractor who will give you value for your money.


Look for a basement contractor who exhibits professionalism and positivity all the time. You see, so many contractors have the skills, but most of them don’t know how to relate well with people. You need to work with a basement contractor who values honesty, and they’re clean in their communication, even on something unpopular. If the person turns up to meetings late and doesn’t respond to calls and emails, you may not need them. Others will talk to you in a disrespectful manner and demand money before they begin work. Such is not worth your time.

Experience in the industry

You need a renovation company that has been in business for some time. And not just the company but the employees must have good experience in their work. The nature of jobs they’ve handled before will give you a hint on whether they are an excellent fit for your work or a waste of time. Demand to see their client portfolio and how they’ve been handling challenges. An experienced basement contractor knows what to do to create space in the basement and understands how they can manipulate the area to fit what you need.

A contractor who’s keen on your design

You have a picture of the results you’re looking forward to, and therefore, the contractor’s work is to implement such. Some of these professionals would want to impose their ideas on your plan and may end up coming up with something that was not in your mind. In as much as they’re experienced, you’ve intended results and that’s what must be achieved at the end of the day. Thus you need to get a basement renovation Toronto contractor who can actualize your dream in the best way possible.

Cost of renovation

You have to research renovation projects and see how much different contractors are charging for basement renovation projects. Your main concern here should not be the amount you pay but the value you get. 

Choosing a contractor may not be as easy as it may sound. You’ll need to engage as many as you can and select one based on what they offer, the quality of work, experience, and of course, their charges should be affordable.