Top 10 Arizona Landscaping Tips in 2021

Arizona is known for its gorgeous desert landscape, but to keep it in pristine condition, caring for your landscaping is extremely important. With such a shift in temperatures in the summer months and winter months, each season is a little different when it comes to caring for your Arizona landscape. 

Plant Bermuda Grass

To fill in those empty patches in your yard, plant Bermuda grass! But you need to know when to plant Bermuda grass in AZ. Since it does require heavy watering, you might want to do this in the spring time. Planting grass seeds and spreading the sod is something you can do yourself, just don’t forget it is going to require lots of water. 

Water The Grass

Speaking of lots of water, you want to always water your grass, no matter what type it is. The best time to water grass in Arizona is in the early mornings. Usually between 5am and 8am. Since conserving water is also a goal, this is going to be the most efficient time since temperatures are usually cool enough and the winds are calm, so more water will hit the grass. 

Add Colorful Plants

Of course, you want to add some color to your yard. This can be done by using a firestick plant Arizona. Also known as the pencil shrub, the colorful plant is low maintenance making it perfect for the desert. The plant has thick branches with no leaves. All year long it is green until the temperature starts to cool down in November and then the tips turn bright red!

Use Vines That Grow

To add more greenery to you landscape, add vines like that creeping fig Arizona. These vines do well in Arizona and are also known as ficus pumila. They do need moderate water and start off as small leaves and grow up a 2-3 story building. 

Grow Roses

Roses are always beautiful to have in your yard, but you need to make sure you are caring for them properly and know when to prune roses in Arizona. January is the best time to get this done. Use lopers for large cuts and small pruners for smaller rose stem cuts. Try to cut the bushes about 50 percent and make sure no leaves are left. 

Decorate With Red Hibiscus Plants

If you are looking to add even more color to your yard go with a red hibiscus in Arizona. They are large, noticeable, and bloom fast! The red ones tend to grow better in Arizona, but beware that they will frost if it gets below 30 degrees with wind. 

Plant Palo Verde Trees

Palo Verde trees thrive in Arizona, which is why they are so popular. But want to keep them clean and know how to trim Palo Verde trees. This is best to do in January and either you can call the professionals for help or you can try to do it yourself. If so, start low with downward branches and remember to thin out the center!

Use The Right Fertilizer

Did you know there is special fertilizer for the fall and winter months? The best fertilizer for ryegrass in the cooler months is going to contain lots of nitrogen. This will help keep your grass green. Fertilizer should be used every 6 to 8 weeks and also contain high amounts of phosphorus. 

Change Watering Schedule In Winter

When the temperatures start to cool down in Arizona, usually around November, is the time to change your watering schedule. This is because you will need much less water during these cooler months. So, what is the best winter watering schedule for Phoenix? For pop-up sprinklers, only 10 minutes cycles about 3 times a week is needed. Moving sprinkler heads will require 20 minute cycles about 3 times a week. 

Take Care Of Your Gravel

If your yard contains gravel, you still need to take care of it! Luckily, gravel lawn care Phoenix is quite simple. A special treatment can be used to prevent weeds. If you need freshen up your gravel, just add more rocks!

Extra Tips For Phoenix Residents

For those in Phoenix, it is helpful to know about bulk trash pickup in Phoenix for when taking care of your lawn. That is because you need a place to discard all of the rubbish you have trimmed off of your yard’s plants and trees. If you feel like all of this is too much work for you, find out the average cost of landscaping maintenance in Phoenix so you can leave the work up to the professionals.